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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  September 19, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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silence. in about an hour from now, the embattled nfl commissioner will make a statement and answer tough questions about domestic violence issues that continue to plague the league. right now sblgt of state john kerry is meeting with united nations security council as he tries to get more allies to join the fight against isis. but first, fast-moving developments today in the nfl's ongoing battle of public perception when it comes to domestic violence. in an hour, roger goodell will hold a news conference and take questions from reporters amid calls for his resignation. on the day ravens fans are lining up to exchange their ray rice jersey and announcing the team is with an 84% spike in calls with that infamous ray rice video. news, chuck hagel is asking his staff for information
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between the military and the nfl. >> what the secretary has done, given what's been going on inside the national football league, is simply asked to better understand our interactions with the national football league. our expectations of organizations we work with, are the same we expect of ourselves. >> today the white house unveiled a new initiative called it's on us to educate young men about domestic violence and sexual assault. joe biden thanked one of his young staffers recruited to join the team. >> cindy hogan, who nfl ain't seen nothing yet. they have no idea what they just bought onto. >> all this as a new nbc news poll shows more than half of
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americans are now satisfied -- are not satisfied, excuse me, with how the nfl has handled the domestic violence scandal. nbc's anne thompson is live in new york city where today's press conference will be held. ann, what do you think we're going to hear today? looks like ann's not -- >> reporter: jonathan, a source in the nfl toelz me we can expect roger goodell, he wants to overhaul the personal policy, the personal conduct policy. he wants to make changes and he wants help in making those changes. he wants the help of the nfl players union and the help of outside groups because the commissioner's goal is to never see another two weeks like the nfl has seen. what has really hurt the nfl, especially this week, is it's indecisiveness in handling both the issue of domestic violence and child abuse. we saw that with how the
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panthers deactivated and then activated and then deactivated greg hardy, convicted of domestic abuse, and how vikings did the same thing with adrian peterson who's been indicted for child abuse for disciplining his 4-year-old child. that indecision hurt the nfl this week, particularly with its sponsors. and its sponsors got after them. these are family brands of mcdonald's, campbell's superintendent and anheuser-busch. anheuser-busch in particular, a billion dollar sponsor of the nfl, said it was disappointed with how the nfl has handled this situation. you can expect roger goodell to address the concerns of the sponsors today, address the concerns of the players and to address the concerns of the fan, particularly women, who make up 45% of the nfl's fan base. jonathan? >> anne thompson, thank you.
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let's bring in mike wise and shanna thomas. mike, thank you for being here. mike, let me start with you. goodell came out with the partnership, domestic violence support lines today and education initiatives. what do you think we're going to hear more from goodell today? >> i think this is a man clearly in crisis mode. he hasn't been seen or heard from since norah o'donnell last week. and during what many people feel is the worst crisis of confidence in his administration as commissioner. has been nowhere to be seen. so, i think you'll see the rebranding of roger goodell in many ways. this is going to be a person that maybe contrite, have misgivings about how we handle especially the ray rice domestic
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violence situation and also as a person who's now decided he's not the top cop anymore. that he needs to surround himself with a quorum of people from different venues, especially people of -- women who need to be heard from first and foremost in this fight. and i think that's what you're going to see. roger goodell will try to save his job today while hopefully also doing some good. >> talk about how today could be the rebranding of roger goodell. and you've called for his resignati resignation. are you open to anything short of a resignation? most people don't think goodell should resign. 29% think he should resign, 43% say he shouldn't resign and 29% say he's not sure. >> what they're announcing in terms of domestic violence programs is great. there's no question it's going to help.
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because it's providing awareness and direct services. there's going to be a very dark cloud hanging over the nfl as long as roernlg goodell is in the leadership position he is. he's proven over the last couple of weeks that he's been handling this case deceptive from the start. there were 50 cases handled even more poorly than the ray rice case, before the ray rice case came up, was revealed and incited this public outcry we're seeing. roger goodell has done nothing since then but responded basically with crisis p.r. and i think what's coming out of it could be great for women particularly. while roger goodell is at the helm, he helm,. >> i wrote a column this week with the suggestion that by ditching a certain team's
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controversial name with one -- with one decision, nfl owner dan snyder could reverse some of the commercial and moral arrogance the nfl has put on ample display. now, mike, you read the column, i know, because you tweeteded it out. thank you. any chance the league would get on board with my suggestion? >> only because roger goodell has been steadfastly backing dan snyder to save his brand. i don't -- i think it's unfortunate. ray from the national indian congress is leading to change the mascot campaign said it best. said, all these issues are related. the concussion, the tone deafness when it came to concussions earlier, domestic violence issue, failure to act on child abuse, felony charges and remove adrian peterson from
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the equation permanently for a while until this is resolved. all these things are -- systematically come back to a moral arrogance. that moral arrogance comes -- i mean, basically breeds through roger goodell's veins at this moment. and i think that part -- she's right. as long as he's in charge, there will always be a cloud over his regime and i don't believe he'll be able to effectively govern the nfl like he did. >> the same poll found 86% of fans are still going to watch football, so no matter what. do you think there's anything, anything that could happen to change that? >> unfortunately, it's probably the most popular bullet proof media brand in america right now. it says more about the public and our refusal to make sure
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that our players are sdeenlt human beings before they get on the field. it doesn't -- forget about addressing anybody's concerns today except domestic violence victims. >> what do you think about that? what could it possibly take to get people to stop watching football? >> i'm not sure that's the goal to get people to stop watching football per se. football is a loved institution. it's a loved sport. i don't think people want. i think people to want say the nfl take on the root of the cause of this problem, which is domestic abuse. and to see the nfl take on this problem which is, again, not just an nfl problem. it's an american problem. i'm sure you've discussed this in the past. one in four women will be -- will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. the nfl has an opportunity and a
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responsibility for shedding light on that fact and setting a standard for how we want to be dealing with domestic violence in our society. i don't know that that requires stopping watching football entirely. >> great discussion. thank you. >> thank you. >> stay with msnbc for live coverage of roger goodell's news conference coming up at 3:00 eastern. at the united nations, secretary of stale john kerry is holding a security council meeting to rally global support for the u.s. strategy against isis. it comes as congress this week gave their seal of approval to training and arming rebels in syria. up next, we'll talk with one congressman who voted no, emanuel cleaver.
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coalition. it's one operation. it will be under common command. we will continue to welcome the involvement of partners and their contribution. >> that was national security adviser susan rice just moments ago at the white house giving very little details about the level of support the u.s. is expecting to receive from allies in its fight against isis. right now secretary of state john kerry is at u.n. security council where today and next we'll he'll try to woo allies. france conducted first strikes on iraq this morning. with congress gone, having giving president obama the power he wants to arm syrian rebels, the white house can turn its full attention to coalition building. secretary kerry said it's that sort of coalition building that
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will deter threats of terrorism from other parts of the world. >> for some people it's scary. and there are real chank challenges from tisil that what we're seeing now. if we make the right choices and bring countries together to unite around the right policies, it can also be transformative. >> moining me is missouri democrat congressman emanuel cleaver. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you, jonathan. >> you were one of 85 house democrats to vote against the bill that gave the white house power to arm syrian rebels. why? >> first of all, we have no intelligence on the ground. we don't know who wants to kill whom by whom. even by our own information, no way right now of determining what's actually going on on the ground. and so what we just did was to
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arm some semi bad guys to kill barbarically bad guys to teach the world that bad guys should not kill. so, i think we are spending $500 million rather foolishly that could be spent right here in our country on infrastructure. look, we're going into this rather blindly. nobody has laid out a clear plan. your station is already reporting -- your network is reporting that we don't even know the role of our so-called allies. this could be a big mistake. now, i'm not going to spend the next month of october bashing the president. i think we had no good options but i think the best option that he did not want to take, obviously, is to just wait and see what's going to go on instead of entering into another civil war.
11:17 am
>> congressman, let me ask you this. were you happy with the level of debate over this issue before congress adjourned? >> there was no debate. we mixed this in with c.r., continuing resolution, so we had no opportunity, i don't think, to sit down and -- or to stand up in the well of the house and actually debate the merits of this issue and receive from the intelligence committee, the up to date information with what was going on. we have not had that kind of debate. this is not about the president. in is about the precedent of congress not assuming its responsibility. we're the ones who have the power to say yea and nay to war. no, i'm not satisfied at all that the congressman of the united states played its complete role in this. >> congressman, let me follow up with you, because there are people who are saying -- wshlgs you used the term, conversation about, you know, going to war. this is just giving the
11:18 am
president the authority to do these air strikes and that the full conversation, the full debate over how far the president can go will be done after the november elections after the lame duck sessions. do you buy that guarantees? is that enough for you? >> no. a lot of politics are woven into this whole wait until after the november elections. and that is, some people don't want to debate it at all. they would simply this be obama's war. i don't think that's the case with me. we ought to have a declaration of war. we ought to vote for war and stop this playing we've been doing since the vietnam war. the gulf resolution, and then we give the war powers act and the president can act so many days without congressional authority. that's our responsibility. >> congressman emanuel cleaver,
11:19 am
thank you for joining us. >> stewart holiday served as special u.n. for political affairs in the bush administration. he's ceo of meridian house and steve clemens is washington add tore at large for "the atlantic" and an msnbc contributor. steve, let me read you the comment of one democrat, peter defasio of oregon. how fair is that criticism of the white house and plan to fight isis? >> i think it's very fair. i talked to a number of congressmen and four or five senators. some voted for the plan yesterday evening. some voted against. those still feel there's a lot of pieces of the puzzle that haven't been explained and they're very reluctantly grudgingly supporting the white
11:20 am
house because they also know the president doesn't want to be doing what he's doing. he has other plans, they have to deal with issues there. it's kind of combined, a very, very uneasy sense that the people are giving the president the support to arm the syrian rebels and move forward. i think the broad is, you have a lot of moving pieces. bashar al assad, whom we're hardly discussing anymore. that's where isis and free syrian army came from and this has ma tas sized and exploded into a different direction. the game board has changed and who's on what side just as the congressman just said are really fundamental pieces of the puzzle that's like a rubick's cube that hasn't been sorted out. >> let me play sound from senator rand paul on the senate floor yesterday and get your comments on the other side. >> intervention topples the secular dictator. chaos ensues and radical jihadists emerge.
11:21 am
the pattern has been repeated time and time again. yet what we have here is a failure to understand. a failure to reflect on the outcome of our involvement in arab civil wars. >> ambassador, is senator paul right? the u.s. repeating its errors of the past? >> well, the middle east is a complicated environment. we have found ourselves perhaps not understanding the lessons of history. but what we're talking about with the islamic state is a potential direct threat to the united states. i think there was a debate about whether that was the case in iraq originally, but now i think all the nations of this coalition understand this is a threat to iraqis, syria and the rest of the world so i think he's a little off the mark. >> the headline of "the washington post" reads, rift winds between obama and u.s.
11:22 am
strategy. general says half-heart or tentative efforts or air strikes alone can backfire on us and actually strengthen our foes' credibility. we m how would you describe the relationship between the president and the generals over this issue? >> this reminds me a lot over some of the president's debates over afghanistan, about the size of the troops to be deployed in a surge in afghanistan would be and what the date would be where it was decided they would be there a year and withdrawn. there are tensions between the white house and pentagon. i guess that's sometimes a natural and good thing. in this particular case, the debate -- i agree with part of what the general says. you may not want to broadcast everything you're doing but if you put american boots on the ground and widen the military footprint of the u.s. presence in that way, you may as well
11:23 am
engender a much larger backlash to the united states. that was the achilles heel of the iraq invasion. so that military impulse to go and kill bad guys can itself generate a deepening of this conflict and spiral this into a different direction. the question should be, where are the saudi boots on the ground, the sunnis that need to spit on isis and disavow this group? that is the missing piece in this debate that's vital, that both answers would be more efficacious. >> ambassador, let me follow up. where are the allies, where are the arab states in this fight? >> well, you have the french strike, which appears to be the first coalition strike. the allies have to be careful in this because just like we don't want american soldiers at risk, we don't want to ignite a
11:24 am
shia/sunni civil war either. there are a lot of volatile tensions that already exist. i think you're going to see the gulf nations, countries like jordan and turk y stepping up and playing training, command and control roles and, indeed, air strikes, i think. iraq is one question. syria is another question. and i think it's going to get a lot more complicated when we talk about operating in syria. >> ambassador holliday and steve clemens, thank you very much. >> thank you. three things to know this friday. president obama and vice president biden kicked off a campaign against sexual assault on campuses. >> it's nothing we can turn away from and say, that's not our problem. >> celebrities like john hamm of "mad men," kerry washington and quest love have signed onto the it's on us campaign, encouraging friends to intervene before an attack happens.
11:25 am
one in five women are assaulted on college campuses. president obama has proclaimed that today is national p.o.w./mia recognition day. flagpoles at the white house and other federal buildings in washington are flying the p.o.w. flag all day today and their ak nices are being honored at ceremonies across the country. the u.s. military flew 40 american tourists out of lucas, stranded after hurricane odile struck on monday. food and supplies have starting to run out there. j.j. watt? you know there's a game on tonight right, amy? oh, i know, but it's my turn to chaperone. right, but you could do both. how? nfl mobile is now free with the more everything plan from verizon. i have verizon! download it, you can watch the game right here. come on, let's boogie!
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no one was hurt. the plane returned to a california airport minutes later after the flight took off. many passengers didn't think they'd make it back alive. "twilight" actor jackson ra rathbone said i said the lord's prayer. >> the only thing i could think about was my son, so i'd save it's the best feeling i had in my life. >> we're glad for this happy ending but also debate getting medication for my flight. no longer debating. others are shaming airline travelers for inexcusable behavior. by now you probably know about the knee defender invented to stop passengers from reclining too far in the seat in front of you. after you take a look at these
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pictures, a little extra reclining won't look so bad. i guarantee you. these are just a few pictures from the social media handle #passengershaming. shows people engaging in p.d.a. and t.m.i., putting their feet where they know they have no business being. and otherwise doing things too gross for tv. trust me, gross. it's maintained by anonymous submissions. it has more than 200,000 followers. your anonymous -- or unanimous reaction has been, people are disgusting. seriously, who does this on a flight? hopefully know one we know. now, to someone everyone following the launch of iphone 6 might know by now. the first person in australia to purchase the phone, only to drop it live on tv. >> we're doing a reveal.
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>> whoa! >> [ bleep ]! >> that's jacked up. the poor fellow's name is jack. his phone is all right. his ego might be bruised people are tweeting about his blunder worldwide. some even asking, i wonder if he's going to re-evaluate his life. join the conversation with fellow reiders on facebook, instagram, and tell us what's important to you. now this news, the occupy movement spreads overseas to hong kong. will it work out as well as occupy wall street did here at home? >> so, i think, you know, like it's important for the outside world, especially foreign press, to know about the true hong kong.
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this is holly. her long day of outdoor adventure starts with knee pain. and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. onward! welcome back to "the reid report," i'm jonathan capehart in for joy reid. nfl commissioner roger goodell will make a statement and then take questions about domestic violence and the way the league is going to address it. msnbc will bring to to you live. to national politics and the 2014 midterms where the big story is coming out of kansas. democrats now have a chance to unseat a republican incumbent in
11:36 am
a deep red state. african can supreme court ruled in favor of the democrat in the race who wanted his name off the ballot, leaving it between pat roberts and a popular independent candidate greg orman. polls show he has a chance to beat roberts. now that they have their wish, national democrats are faced with a big question, how do you publicly support a candidate whose chief future for many kansans is that he's not a democrat. for more on kansas a, let's pla you something about harry reid said about his odds of losing the majority seat. take a listen. >> if the election were today, we would be just fine.
11:37 am
i think any talk about republicans taking control of the senate is premature and not based on fact. >> angela, does harry reid have reason -- any reason for such confidence or is this just bravado? >> of course he has reason for confidence. we know polls change with the wind and so what we've seen progressively over the last few weeks is even nate silver who knows all things -- which way is the wind going to blow, he said that it was, i think, at 64% and now it's slightly over 50 something percent for republicans to have an advantage. and i think that it's important for us to note, it is still just september. it's nowhere near election day yet. a lot can happen. we've seen this happen time and time again. we also see surprises quite often, jonathan. >> i want to say right now, joining us now is jason johnson, professor of political science at hiram college and content editor for "the source." let's show you this poll by fox and it found that greg orman is
11:38 am
head of senator roberts by six noints a two-way race. how nervous is the gop and how do democrats take advantage of this? >> the gop is extremely nervous right now. they're about to take a gut punch in kansas of all places. looks like they have a good chance of losing the govern norship, of losing their senate seat. the best thing democrats are do is stay quiet and let the races stay local. the moment anyone starts crowing in washington, d.c., that's when it becomes national. >> angela, let me show everyone two charts. the gop needs six pickups for majority, montana, west virginia, south dakota, most likely to turn republican. the second chart shows states up
11:39 am
for glab, iowa, colorado, arkansas, alaska, georgia, kansas. which are most likely to flip? and can the gop grab at least three of them? >> i think the gop can grab at least three seats. i don't think they're going to take control of the senate. in terms of the seats that are up for grabs, i don't know. again, this changes so much. i don't want to put my foot in my mouth. you know what my business is. i'm not doing that today. >> jason, gallup has -- i have to ask you a question. the gallup poll has president obama's approval the 42% and he's dragging down his party. >> in fact, republicans keep making these races local. you've got kansas, you've got colorado, you've got georgia right now where you're getting into these battles about voter turnout and registration.
11:40 am
and the moment people start focusing on what's happening on the ground, the moment they hear these secretary of states trying to prevent single women and african-americans from voting, it becomes a local race and that helps obama. right now obama doesn't seem to be much of an issue in toss-up states. >> as we know with polling, that's right now. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> new jersey governor chris christie is responding to a story broken by our nbc station in new york which reports that federal investigators have found no evidence showing the governor had advanced knowledge of the george washington bridge lane closures in 2013. officials tell wnbc that nine months into the investigation, they have found no sign governor christie planned or ordered the closures. though the investigation is ongoing. christie reacted to the report on his radio show. >> i took action have swiftly and directly and now we'll let
11:41 am
the chips fall where they may in terms of those facts. all i can speak to, eric, is myself. and as to myself, i told the people of new jersey directly and honestly on january 9th that i had no knowledge of this and no role of any kind in the planning or execution of it, is what matters most to me, is that the people of new jersey know i tell them the truth. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. here we go, here we go, here we go.
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machines will be sprayed to be made.
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and making something stronger... will mean making it lighter. one day, factories will work with the cloud. one day... is today. welcome back. minutes from now nfl commissioner roger goodell will address the league's new plans to deal with domestic violence and then he'll take questions. of course, we'll bring it to you live on msnbc. detroit's bankruptcy hearing is on hold for the next week but still a lot of drama behind the scenes. the head of the detroit institute of the arts said in court yesterday, they would sue if forced to sell its collection to pay city creditors.
11:45 am
some estimates say the collection is worth $2 billion, which would help make a dent in the city's $18 billion financial hole. joy reid recently visited detroit and spoke to residents impacted by the bankruptcy and to experts who can help explain it all. we continue our series "saving detroit." take a look. >> you guys have a safe weekend. >> you too. >> couple zip codes in the city, they told people they had to go get their mail at the post office because it was unsafe. >> journalist steven henderson was born in this neighborhood, in the suburbs near downtown detroit. his family used to live on this house on tuxedo street. >> over time it's all emptied out. most of those families are gone. most of the houses are empty. a lot of the lots are empty. and there aren't jobs like there used to be so poverty exploded. >> gary sellers has been here for 30 years. >> what do you think is the biggest problem around here?
11:46 am
>> i say lack of police protection. >> reverend theodore parker, the pastor of st. cecilia catholic church in the heart of detroit's inner subyou are u suburbs. >> when i got here i couldn't believe what i saw. at night it looked like dresden. the streets were all dark. another aspect is the doing away of amenities. we have a library that was right down the street from us. we fought as hard as we could to keep it. but it was closed. and i think when people have those things happen these days, the quality of living is just very different. >> hello again. >> the job of getting detroit out of massive debt, falls to kevin orr, appointed to oversee the city's finances. he's in the midst of an $18 billion reorganization for
11:47 am
detroit. the largest ever for an american city. >> it's got complicated history. we've had some political intrigue at municipal government level. also the macro economic trends of huge depopulation of the industrial workforce here in the midwest. >> does anybody think it's okay to have 40-year-old trees growing through the roofs of dilapidated houses? does anybody think they can call the police and have them not come on time? >> it's aimed at wiping out detroit's debt. he's trading for a chance to bring the city back from financial ruin. the plan also seeks to block any attempt to sell the priceless works of art in the city-owned detroit institute of arts. seen by many as a cultural landmark. >> so, the grand bargain is an idea where the state kicks in some money and philanthropic institutes kick in some money. that money goes towards keeping the artwork out of liquidation
11:48 am
and the proceeds of that money go to help defraying the cost of pensions that are getting cut. it's a pension, artwork, state cash injection deal. >> some agree saving art orr's top priority. >> do you resent the fact they went to great lengths to save the art? >> is saving art more important than saving the people that live here? >> a retired police sergeant and rita dickerson, retired city employee, say they can't afford the reduced health benefits worked out in the grand bargain. >> last year i was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and that -- as devastating as that was a year ago, it turned out to be a blessing that it happened last year rather than this year because our health benefits have drastically changed. >> my medical bills are very high, so canceling my insurance has definitely been a hardship to me. >> for detroit to survive, it
11:49 am
needs to have people who want to live there, be a workforce there and pay taxes there. you can't do that by saving money by eliminating your police force. you need to have police officers and street lamps. we go into the dia and people come from all around to see it. people are giving up money they are owed because they realize you can't get blood from a stone. >> the women don't buy it. >> i worked every day and you took money out of my check every day to go toward our pension. police and fire, we didn't pay into social security. so what i get is all i get. when i turn 62, government isn't going to give me anything. because we thought we were taken care of ourselves. >> as everybody knows, the population is detroit has significantly decreased over the years. the tax base has been eroded. all -- just about all the automobile companies left. there's a multitude of reasons
11:50 am
why the city is in the position it's in. >> weill the bankruptcy fix thi? >> it will not fix this. what the bankruptcy will do is give the city a little more money to spend on the services that these residents need. so, the lights on this block, you know, my bet is if you come over here at midnight, it's pitch black. it's dark. because the lights don't work. the city will have money to do that or a little more money to do that. if you call the police here, you're waiting a long time for a response. that should come down. the blighted houses. you know, the city is ultimate responsible for these properties. some have to be torn down. >> gary sellers says despite the hardships, he's optimistic. >> i've been over here long enough so i should know. i've been through it. and i'm a survivor. and, yeah, i think it can be saved.
11:51 am
>> our "saving detroit" series continues next week with a look at the parts of detroit that are already coming back. and how the lessons learned there could help other parts of the motor city. that's next week on "the reid report." jim's hair is perfect. so's his serve. but like up to 90% of us, jim falls short in getting important nutrients from food alone. jim, here's $2 off one a day multivitamins to get key nutrients you may need. go to for savings. research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives.
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breaking news leads "the cycle." any minute roger goodell will face new york city. goodell will answer questions. we have not heard publicly from the commissioner in about nine days. let's get to nbc's anne thompson outside the hotel where that news conference is taking place. what do we expect to hear from the commissioner? >> reporter: well, we expect roger goodell will say he wants to overhaul the personal conduct policy for nfl players. and he wants to do that with the help of the nfl players association and with outside groups. how might he do it? well, we got some indication in a memo that he sent to the league earlier today -- or to all the teams in the league earlier today. in that memo he said within the next 30 days he wants all league
11:59 am
and team personnel to participate in education sessions on sexual assault and domestic violence. as of tomorrow, all the clubs will be made aware of resources to help people who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in their areas. and the nfl is donating significant resources to two advocacy groups. one is the national domestic hot line which saw an 84% increase in calls after that video of ray rice punching his then-fiancee in that hotel elevator. and they will also help out another organization called the national sexual violence resource center. the big question for roger goodell here is, can he win back the respect, not just of the fans and in particular the female fans, but can he win -- can the nfl win back the respect of sponsors who came out this week in force saying the nfl has not handled this -- these issues properly and they have not done enough.
12:00 pm
that's the big question for roger goodell today. >> and indeed, that is totally right. stay with us ann. joining us, greg bedard, espn senior writer and havitha davidson back for breaking news conference. greg, back to you. ann raises a critical question. can roger goodell come out in this presser and assert himself in a way that says, hey, i'm still in charge of the nfl. we're still a brand that sponsors can feel comfortable working with, that fans can feel comfortable aligning themselves with. how does he do that? >> i think the first thing he needs to do is they need a huge m mea culpa. he needs to say, we have ignored these issues and we are employing to enact serious changes for what's been going on in the league. and i think that's where you start. and then it's going to be about


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